Individual Consulting

Individual Consulting

Learn how to wear your colors, and realize how and why certain colors make you look washed out and make you look a lot older and drained of vitality, while others make you look vibrant, active, and smart.

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Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting

In a world where image is deemed to be everything, do your employees best represent your company’s image and exhibit a positive and lasting impression?

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Color Psychology & Interior Design

Color Psychology & Interior Design

Color is the easiest and most affordable way to transform yourself, your home, or workspace.

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From college students and women to corporate employees, Abir Achkar offers customized programs on image building and etiquette packed with information and tips.

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About Me

Abir Achkar, a certified image & color consultant from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), New York, aims to equip both women and men with the right knowledge and techniques required to improve their appearance, etiquette, and communication to portray a strong, powerful impression to those around them.

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To become the ultimate destination for corporates and individuals in their quest for image building and enhancement.


We value and respect the uniqueness of each individual and corporate, and draw on their uniqueness to tap into their latent and unused potential, and awaken personalities.


To offer corporates and individuals an exclusive portfolio of customized image-building services like training in dress code, social etiquette, color analysis, color psychology, wardrobe audit, personal shopping, etc., to enhance their image.

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Working in the communications industry means that image is key. The Corporate Image Workshop by Abir Achkar was an eye opener. It was interesting to learn how minor changes in your wardrobe and simple techniques as basic as the colors you chose to wear on a daily basis can have the biggest impact on your overall appearance. The workshop has instilled some consciousness in us while shopping. The materials used during the workshop were comprehensive and exceeded our expectations.

Mariam Salim, Client Servicing Manager, TRACCS Bahrain

“I was by then completely convinced in Abir’s ability to bring the best in people’s appearances, hence I treated myself to an Image & Style analysis service, which included just about everything – body shape, hair style, make up, accessories, true style personality and image makeover plus a 150 – page personalized portfolio. The experience was exhilarating! “

Victoria Cox

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