Campus to Corporate

Campus to Corporate

The Campus to Corporate program has been designed specifically to address some key problem areas currently seen in the employment market like-

  • Skills mismatch of young job seekers with corporate world;
  • Lack of guidance by universities in preparing students for the workplace;
  • Graduates not having the right soft skills to enter the job market;
  • Absence of career counseling services to guide the students to integrate into the job market;

Learning outcomes

This program is designed to guide, train, and equip young job seekers with the right soft skills expected by the corporate world.


The course can be offered as a part of career counselling services of universities, or as a stand-alone program. All those who are looking for self-development and improvement of their image can benefit from this unique program.


This is a customized soft skills and image-building course for the youth. The course content is designed to groom young job seekers to enter the job market exuding professionalism and confidence, adding value to the organizations that employ them.

The course will walk them through a self-discovery path that includes-

  • Psychometric tests to identify their aptitudes, skills, and interests;
  • Basic communication which includes body language and business etiquette;
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming to polish off the self-discovery journey. NLP will teach youngsters to think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and execute what they know, in an even better way.
  • Grooming, which incorporates-
    • Colour Analysis - Become skilled at mixing and matching, and selecting the perfect color that complements your skin tone. Also, get a personalized 42 color swatch wallet.
    • Image Assessment - Learn how to dress to flatter your body shape, get advice on hair styling and accessories, in addition to getting a personalized style portfolio.

The duration of the program will depend on the group-size, and the venue will be the client’s premises.

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