School To Campus Leap

School to Campus

The School to Campus program has been designed specifically to address some key problems faced by freshmen on campus.

This is a customized soft skills and image building program for school students who are on the threshold of campus life. The course content is planned to prepare the school students for a successful stint at the college so that they put their first foot forward, armed with self assurance and poise.

Learning outcomes

This program is designed to guide and train youngsters who are on the threshold of campus life to make a smooth transition from school to campus, and equip them with the wherewithal to realize their latent potential.


This program is for students in classes 11-12, who are on the verge of leaving their school days behind and who seek to acquire skills necessary for self-development and image building.


The course will walk them through a self- discovery path, arming them with knowledge of-

  • Personal grooming
  • Social etiquette and manners
  • Self-worth, self-confidence
  • An appropriate sense of dressing
  • Color Analysis to select the right colors to complement individual skin tone
  • Positive body language

The duration of the program will depend on the size of the group attending, and it will be conducted at the client's premises.

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