Color Psychology & Interior Design

"Color is a language and a global language."

Color is the easiest and most affordable means that has the power to convert yourself, your home, or workspace into a haven, where mind and body function at their best. Dressing yourself in the right combination of colors can alter your personality into a more attractive and stronger one.

Color has a profound effect on the mind and behavior of an individual. Every color and shade embody a message that can sway thinking, change actions, and awaken strong emotional reactions in an individual.

Certified Color & Image Consultant and Interior Designer Abir Achkar, provides solutions that combine color psychology, contemporary interior design, and principles of Feng Shui for clients who seek physical, and emotional balance in all aspects of their life, be it home and workspace.

Anyone who wants to tap into the power of color to send the right messages to any areas of their life or work can benefit from this consultation. This color effect system provides an instantaneous improvement in your office and home, and in your overall well-being, too.

With the use of the right colors, you can transform your home into a haven that reflects your personality, your workspace into a place that enhances your sense of well-being, maximizes productivity, and minimizes stress and fatigue. It is a known fact that satisfaction with the work environment has a significant impact on job performance.

Consultation is based on the result of a detailed personality questionnaire and assessment of the client.

Corporate sectors like fashion, interiors, retail, hospitality and travel, and even individuals can benefit from the color psychology consultation.

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