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You won’t walk out of the course with just a certificate; you’ll actually know what it takes to be a personal stylist.

This is far from a correspondence course that is filled with pages of theory. For a job that has a lot of visual significance and demands sensitivity in the way you work with your client, you just cannot succeed without hands-on training and relevant experience.


Day 1
Introduction and power point presentation and formulas.

Day 2
Hands-on experience at one of the prestigious boutiques, under my supervision, to ensure you are fully confident with colors, personality styling, body shapes, and styling formulas.


Don't miss the Early Bird Offer. Register and confirm your seat before April 13, and avail 10% discount and a complimentary 1 hour one-to-one Image and Style Consultation.


For details of the two-day Personal Stylist course, please fill in the Enquiry Form given below, click submit, and then click download.