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Boost your business and your knowledge; furthermore, become a Makeover Expert, by participating in our upcoming Image, Color, Makeup and Etiquette training! Limited seats are available, so hurry and sign up now to guarantee your position and avoid disappointment!

Becoming a Makeover Expert has never been easier, as a Makeover Expert you will have a "dream come true" career. As long as you have the desire you can become a Professional Image & Lifestyle Coach. You don't need years of experience to get started in this industry and succeed.

Today, qualified Image Consultants are more in demand than ever before, applying a simple makeup or conducting extreme makeovers. Getting paid to make people look good and feel even better about themselves is a rewarding, exciting and satisfying profession that can be conducted full or part time.

Being part of the process to help others gain or regain self-confidence and self-esteem, win someone's heart, to get a job or earn a promotion is rewarding both personally and financially. If you enjoy being with others and enjoy helping them to look and feel their best, you are a good applicant to become a Makeover Expert.

Course Content

Module 1 - Fashion & Style

  • Figure Assessment and Body Proportion for Men and Women
  • Line and Design Principals
  • The Fundamentals of Dressing for Different Body Shapes
  • Style Selection Criteria
  • Measuring Techniques
  • Personal & Professional Image
  • Wardrobe Organization
  • How to Run the Male and Female Style consultation
  • Image makeovers

Module 2 - Color Analysis

  • Color Theory
  • Universal Color Analysis
  • Color Analysis for Men and Women
  • The 4X4 Color Combination
  • Hands on Color Analysis Using Volunteer Models
  • How to Conduct One On One Consultation
  • How to Conduct a Color Group Session
  • Presenting Color Workshops and Seminar

Module 5 - Business Building

  • How to Handle Accidents
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Dining Etiquette
  • How and when to Toast
  • The American and Continental Eating Styles
  • Tipping
  • Telephone & Cell Phone Etiquette
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • How to Find Clients and Run Consultations
  • How to Manage Your Business
  • How to Build Packages
  • How to Run Corporate and Fundraising Seminars
  • The Art of Selling
  • Marketing, Promotions and Advertising (what works, what doesn’t and why)
  • Creating Strategic Alliances
  • Networking
  • Creating a Strong Referral Base
  • Conducting Seminars and Consultations
  • How to Select a Business Name
  • How to Write a Business Profile

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This training program is accredited by the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International)