Discover Your Personal Style

Discover Your Personal Style

Personal style is about projecting an accurate sense of one self. Over time our personal style evolves as we experience the ups and downs, as we change, we take our different styles to express how we have altered through our clothes. So, what feels like us in one period of time may not feel right in another..

We get clues of how to express our personal style through images and influences around i.e media and those of influence in our lives.

its important that you ‘OWN’ your style and that what makes you feel happy, authentic, confident and fits your personality.You must wear your clothes, your clothes should not wear you.

How to Discover your personal Style?

#1 Take a good look at your wardrobe and ask yourself if you feel happy & comfortable in them, and if they project a true impression of your personality. Write describe at least 7 commonly – worn outfits and how you feel in them, describe the image you think you project in them.

#2 Go shopping and start trying different style, see if the styles not only look good on you but also feel right with your personality.

#3 Do not try to imitate others and celebrities you see on social media, cause this is the main reason why people get bored fast from their outfits and styles and they end up have nothing to wear!

#4 Colours can determine your style personality as well i.e if you like basic colours, this may indicates that you have a classic style personality..

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– Love Abir x