Power Dressing Tips and Tricks to Pull Off the Girl Boss Look

Power Dressing Tips and Tricks to Pull Off the Girl Boss Look

Power dressing never fails to give women the confident boost that they need on days when they aren’t feeling like their best. Pulling off the Girl Boss look may be a little challenging but it sure is worth it. Whether or not you actually go to an office, power dressing is certainly something that you should do every once in a while. Here are some power-dressing tips and tricks to help you pull off the Girl Boss look easily and stylishly.


The choice of colors you go for and wear when you power dress is important. Achieving that posh, sleek and edgy Girl Boss look becomes a lot easier when you use neutral, subdued colors like black, gray, white, navy and tan. Stark and highly contrasting color combinations like black and white are ideal as well.

color-choice-1 color-choice-2


Simplicity and minimalism is key to nailing the Girl Boss look to a tee. Keep your outfits simple and your layers down to a minimum. You’ll want a clean and streamlined silhouette when power dressing and having too much layers on might make it difficult for you to achieve that.

stay-simple1 stay-simple2


You don’t need high-fashion and runway ready architecture tops when power dressing but it sure would be nice to have a little bit of shape and structure on the pieces instead of going for loose and flowy fabrics. Shapes and structures incorporated in your look would give your outfit more of that sleek look.

structured1 structured2


Paying attention to even the smallest of details will help you achieve a look that’s cohesive and well-put together. Sometimes, all you really need to tie your whole outfit together is one little detail like an accessory, a styling trick or maybe even just your hair and makeup look.

details1 details2


Speaking of hair and makeup, that’s one more thing you should pay attention to when you’re power dressing. You wouldn’t want to be sporting your best suit and your highest heels then have your hair looking like a mess or your makeup looking like you’re about to go to a rave party. Simple, sleek and minimalistic hairstyles along with natural makeup looks with a twist which is often a statement lip color is the best way to go when power dressing.

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As with any look, accessorizing is an important part of power dressing. As said earlier, you have to keep your look simple and minimalistic so go easy on the accessories and avoid the cheap-looking ones, especially those made of plastic. You don’t have to wear genuine gems and stones but at least make sure they look fan enough to pass as real.

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