Which colour Jewellery will suit you best? SILVER or GOLD?

Which colour Jewellery will suit you best? SILVER or GOLD?

Making a statement with your jewellery is a great way to add some extra oomph to your outfit. Simply it can make you stand out in the crowd!

Here are few tips on how you must select your jewellery:

1-The importance of colour.

Ever had a compliment out of the blue on your outfit? It’s no coincidence that what you were wearing that day will definitely be in ‘your’ colours. Even without realizing it – the difference when choosing your ‘best’ tones to wear can make all the difference to how it looks – ‘radiates’ even. Coupled with mood and confidence, these colours make such a difference. Skin tone is not the same as skin colour. We are all either Cool or Warm undertones.

The question now is, is it gold or silver that suits me best?
Silver suits cooler skin tones, and Gold is for ‘warmer’ face. I will share with you a simple trick:
Hold your Gold or Silver pieces close to your face, see the difference and changes on the teeth as they become yellow, dark circles under the eyes – if this occurs then it’s the wrong colour.
If you are WARM then opt to buy earth tonal gold metals, such as yellow gold, copper and brass to get that luminous look.
If you are COOL undertones then Silver is your option – As we call this method (Colour Analysis).

2-Second tip is your STYLE PERSONALITY:

Wear pieces that mean something to you and compliment your style personality, those pieces can say who you are!
Don’t forget – jewellery can enhance and compliment your whole look – consider it carefully and make it as a focal point.
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Keep an eye out on this space for new Image & Fashion tips coming soon!

– Love Abir x