The number one formula to landing your next Job

The number one formula to landing your next Job

Job interview can be extremely stressful to most of us!

The first thought which comes to our mind is how to impress the interviewer, and how to portray the right image in such a very short time!

We are judged within 9 seconds before we even say a word. So we all agree on “FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS ” I will share with you few Interview Style secrets which you need to take into consideration while going for an interview.

#1 Your upper part of your body, example your blouse or blazer: is the most important part of your interview outfit. Why? Because your face is the spotlight and it shouldn’t be ignored! That’s why you need to focus and choose the right color which is the main key to flatter the entire face. You need to look confident, vibrant not pale and depressed.

#2 Prints: avoid large prints and many patterns as you don’t want to create distraction while you are trying to impress the interviewer with your knowledge and expertise.

#3 Wear a close fit neckline. A wide open neckline draws attention away from your face and what are you saying.. A moderate V-neck is best.

#4 Avoid statement necklaces or earrings, remember we are only focusing on the upper part of your body which is your face . Statement necklaces distract attention away from your face which is your focal point!

#5 Makeup: a soft neutral shades of makeup is your only option. Keep it simple and stay away from dramatic makeup as lashes,heavy eyeliner and No to red or bright lips!!

Maintain those tips and formula and I’m sure you will be hearing those magic words “you are hired”.

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– Love Abir x